Personalized learning for everyone using Adaptive Testing and Computer Assisted Analysis.

The Problem

1. Our Amazon shopping lists are personalized, our Google Assistant and Siri is personalized, but our education still isn’t.

2. The Education Industry is huge, but has not been able to catch up with current advancements in Technology to the extent it could. And technology can be used to make learning way better than it is right now.

3. Education Industry is rife with problems and inefficiencies of its own, which can be changed with Design Thinking and Modern Technology.


Kreatryx is an online platform made to modernise education and personalise learning.
Since the inception of education itself, evaluation of a student’s learning has been a major factor in his growth and progress. With time, methods of evaluation have become more and more standardised and sophisticated. We are here to make it even more effective and fruitful.
We here at Kreatryx believe that each test and evaluation a student goes through should help him grow further. But right now, it seldom happens. Grade sheets are treated just as ‘report cards’ and not as a useful data to tailor content according to the students. And can we really blame the teachers? Their time is already stretched thin while juggling between lesson plans, preparing questions, grading them, incorporating other co-curricular activities. Kreatryx is here to help with that. It enables teachers and schools to conduct tests and quizzes for their students online. The artificially intelligent platform provides great benefits for both the students as well as teachers.

Quiz, Analyse, and Learn!

1. Quiz Your Students

With Kreatryx you can start taking regular tests and quizzes in your class live or even after the class!

2. Analyse

You can now get a detailed analysis of each student’s progress and learning growth. Get detailed information of topics in which a student is good at or not so good at.

3. Make Learning Better

For Teachers

Teachers have access to strong comparative data of each Student, Topic, as well as each Batch. This analytical data can help teachers strategize and implement better remedial classes and support for their students.

For Students and Parents

Students get access to lot of Quizzes and their Personal Analysis which helps them do a mid-course correction of their learning plans. Parents can now be updated about their child’s’ learning and growth on a daily basis

AI Assisted Learning

AI enables each student to have an artificial personal teacher to help him with his strengths and weaknesses while learning

Revision & Retention

A smart algorithm keeps on calculating the retention level of the student for each topic and then gives them tailor made tests to each student individually

Comparative Analysis

The student can have a deeper understanding of his own learning. This enables the student to focus appropriately on his strengths and weaknesses.