Bringing transparency and reducing corruption from the Land Records for Chhattisgarh Government.


Simple User Experience

Designed for You

Citizens are heavily dependent on govt. operators and vendors for data entry

Deed availability

Registered deeds are not available in the public for scrutiny


There is no platform for citizen to enter details of deed

No tracking

Citizens don’t have any tool to track the status of the registry


There is a lot of to and fro between operator, sub-registrar and citizens


As database is controlled by vendors, there is possibility of tempering


Our User is getting her first smartphone through Chhattisgarh Government’s Sanchar Kranti Yojana (SKY Scheme).

Knows Chhattisgarhi, Hindi and Maybe English.

Is not familiar with technology in general and smartphones in particular.

Will greatly benefit from easy to use and simple UI/UX.

Has someone in the family who does know how to use a phone, so will probably learn from them or tell them to do the task for them.

When trying the UI with our users, we came up with multiple revelations. One of them was as simple as an input for the date of birth.

Most users got stuck at selecting Date of Birth because the standard UI design was difficult to understand and use by our target user.

So we had to come up with one of our own.

Geeta Didi has now an app designed keeping her in mind rather than an elite user.

Simple User Experience

Easy , Simple yet Powerful

1. Audio to text

This feature will be useful for citizens who can’t type. They would be able to type using speech and our team will get in touch with them for application process

2. Recorded audio notifications

As and when new benefits are available for beneficiaries, we will push an audio notifications for citizens based on the qualification criteria and the demography entered by citizen

3. Telephonic support

Citizens would be able to access information, apply, track application etc. through the app. Along with this, they can make a call to our center for any support

If Our User is not an Expert, our System should Be!
Because our user is an unconventional demographic for typical apps, we chose an unconventional solution, a combination of technology and humans:
An AI Expert System!
Our expert system has three parts:

1. Knowledge Base – Our KB contains all the schemes provided by the centre as well as the state together with their eligibility criteria.

2. Inference Engine – The IE uses Backward Chaining to find the list of applicable schemes for the user.

3. User Interface – A well-designed UI simplifies the whole process for the user.

The UI can be a simple Chatbot, or a WhatsApp bot, or a linear UI, or a voice-based UI. This gives us the flexibility to cater to any kind of demographic.

Now with her SKY-phone and MoreMitaan, she can:
Check eligibility for all the schemes

Can apply for any of the schemes she finds suitable for her need

Knows exact status of her application

Also helps others in availing benefits of govt. Schemes

She doesn’t have to bribe officials

Above all, she feels empowered and is a happy woman